Baptism Decorations For Boys – Memorable Adornments

Baptism Decorations For Boys – Memorable Adornments


Congratulations on the upcoming baptism of your son.  As you are you’re planning for your son’s baptism, you’ll need to start thinking about party decorations. There are a variety of cute themes and color choices you can go with. Whether you’re planning to stick with traditional decor or would rather mix it up with a few modern accents, here are some baptism decorations for boys you’ll fall in love with. Use this list for decoration ideas and inspiration.

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Water Themed Baptism Decorations for Boys

Water is a very important symbol in baptism. During baptisms, individuals are bathed in water. Water symbolically washes away the individual’s original sin and they emerge from the water as a son or daughter of God.

Hence, water is a perfect decoration theme. It works especially great for boys. Check out the list below for great water themed baptism decorations for boys.

Gather guests with water-themed custom baptism invitations. Add photos and meaningful baptism verses, while incorporating your water theme with blue embellishments, accents, and backgrounds.

Use these cute duck cupcake picks to decorate your sweets and snacks. Stick the ducks into blue colored jello or mousse to make it appear as if they’re floating on water. Drop little rubber ducks into your punch bowl or serving glasses for a cute effect. Decorate your venue with blue and white balloons.

Pass out bubbles to the kids as party favors. For a more mature party you can set up floating candles. These decorations will surely make your son’s baptism a memorable occasion.

Footprint Themed Baptism Decorations for Boys

Footprints symbolize memory and the teaching of a master teacher. Christens follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Everyday they abide by his wisdom and follow the teachings of the Bible.

Put emphasis on this sweet metaphor via choosing a footprint decoration theme for your son’s baptism. This theme is cute and meaningful, plus you can really work with it and make it your own.

For footprint themed paper plates, banners, streamers and confetti check out They offer a variety of party supplies for a good price. Purchase blue footprint balloons at These balloons are festive as well as affordable. You can also create your own footprint balloons with plain balloons and paint.

baptism decorations for boys
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Use finger paint to create baby footprints with your hands. Simply curl your hand into a fist. Then, dip the pinky finger end of your fist into the finger paint. After that, press your paint coated fist onto an inflated balloon. You should end up with a print that resembles the base of a small footprint. Now, use your finger to add five little toes.

Your guests will be swept off they’re feet by these cute decorations.

Heavenly Baptism Decorations for Boys

Your party will be heaven on earth with these sweet decorations. Cloud balloons are perfect party accessories for this theme. You can purchase cloud print balloons at for a reasonable price. Or create your own by bundling a number of white balloons together.

Serve your guests white angel cake. For beverages, try preparing pink lemonade garnished with mini marshmallows.  There are lots of great lemonade recipes that you can choose from and modify to fit your taste and theme. Just think of foods that you enjoy that are light and fluffy.

Decorate table tops with white feathers and rose petals. You can hang up darling origami doves for a cute effect. Try creating beautiful table center pieces using white feathers and blue candles. Use fabrics and accents that are light and ethereal. Organza is a lovely fabric to work with that can be used as a tablecloth or back drop for a buffet table. Your guests will enjoy these elegant and fun party decorations.

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Bright Baptism Decorations for Boys

These fabulous decoration ideas will lend color to any celebration. Adding colorful accessories to your baptism party will make your venue appear welcoming and joyful. Take a look at these bright baptism decorations for boys for great colorful decoration ideas.

First, invite your guests with bright baptism invitations.  Then, set up colorful party lighting using chromatic lanterns or rainbow Christmas lights. Decorate your venue with colorful streamers and balloons.

Serve your guests colorful treats like rainbow rice crispy treats. These are easy to make and delicious. All you’ll need to make these snacks is fruity pebbles and marshmallows. Try adding colorful cake toppers to your snacks and desserts.

baptism decorations for boys
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You can even create personal snack and dessert toppers using your home printer. Think of a cute message you would like to share with your guests and print it and cut it out. Attach the message to a toothpick and start decorating your snacks and desserts. Adding a decorative, personalized touch to foods served will leave a lasting impact on guests and help you tie in any theme you have chosen for the baptism reception.

For drinks, serve your guests fruit punch garnished with colorful umbrellas. Create vibrant, rainbow candy dish center pieces. Fill pretty dishes with an assortment of your favorite colorful candies. You can serve your guests fruit cocktail and rainbow slush punch.

Picturesque Posters

Create charming, custom posters for your baptism using the PurpleTrail website. Upload a favorite photo for your poster and include custom text. You can alter the color of your photo, the poster layout, and poster size. You can either print your poster using your home printer, or have the poster sent to you in the mail.

Creating a custom poster of the boy of honor is fun and easy. You can hang up the poster after the party or hold onto it as a reminder of your son or loved one’s special day. You can also create custom mugs, stationary, and invitations for your baptism via PurpleTrail.

White Themed Baptism Decorations

Because white symbolizes safety, purity, and cleanliness, it’s a perfect color theme to use for a baptism. It’s also perfect for individuals searching for a formal or serious decoration theme.

Fill your venue with white balloons, candles, lanterns, and flowers. Adorn the ceiling and walls with daisy garland. Serve white cake, strawberries dipped in white chocolate, white pizza, and white grape juice.

You can add an additional color to accentuate the white theme. Try adding red roses or black decor to add a dramatic affect to your party decoration theme.

Whichever theme  you choose to showcase at your son’s baptism, it’s sure to be lovely. Adding memorable adornments to your  baptism celebration only makes it extra special and joyous.