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If you’re preparing for your child’s baptism, you’ll need to start thinking about baptism favor ideas. Your favor should match the party theme and the interests of your guests. Party favors will show your guests how much you appreciate their presence and support. You’ll need to consider the amount of money, time, and effort you want to invest in your baptism favors. Use this list to get started on finding the perfect favors for your baptism celebration.

Practical Baptism Favor Ideas

Practical gifts such as soaps, candles, towels, and bookmarks make wonderful party favors. You can purchase adorable scented soap from These cute soaps come in a variety of different shapes. They also come with personal tags. These gifts are super cute, practical, and best of all very affordable.

baptism favor ideas
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Candles are another perfect Baptism favor idea. You can attach a special thank you note to your candles or you can even make your own candles from scratch. Candle making is fun and fairly simple. Check out the video below for candle making advice and instructions.

Finally, custom mugs are our favorite practical baptism favor. You can design your very own custom mug baptism favors on PurpleTrailcomplete with favorite photos, meaningful passages, and anything else you like. offers a variety of sweet towel party favors. These adorable favors have a strong presentation. They are too cute to even unwrap! Your guest will love getting such a creative party favor to help them savor this amazing day. Check out their website for more information.

Edible Favor Ideas

There is no gift more celebrated than an edible one. Nearly everyone indulges in sweet treats, coffee, and baked goods  You can’t go wrong sending your loved ones home with personalized baptism themed coffee, candy jar, muffin mix, or photo cookie party favors. You can purchase all of these items via

baptism favor ideas
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If you’re interested in finding less expensive baptism party favors, try making popcorn party bags. Check out this delicious Aztec popcorn recipe from This Aztec popcorn is scrumptious and the recipe creates a ton of popcorn.

You can purchase 200 cellophane gift bags for under five dollars from Try adding color to your snack parcels with pretty ribbons and cute note tags.

Printable Favor Ideas

You can find printable party favor ideas at lovetheday‘s page on This site sells printable tags, banners, labels, flags, cupcake toppers, and hats.  These can be great additions to party favor bags or even be used as cake or cupcake toppers. Adding little personalized touches to your baptism party favors will help you create the perfect package for your gifts to honored guests. You will surely find a cute baptism favor idea at one of these fantastic sites.

Also, try checking out PurpleTrail. PurpleTrail offers affordable religious thank yous, invitations, and note cards. You can choose from one of their many beautiful designs or create a design from scratch. It can be really fun to get creative and personalize cards to commemorate this joyous celebration. This method is fun and fast.

Fluffy Favor Ideas

At you can purchase charming teddy bear party favors. The bear’s t-shirts are customizable. You can add a special personal message to the shirt like, “Tommy’s Baptism 2012” or “Thanks for coming!” These bears are super cute and affordable.

baptism favor ideas
Photo courtesy of Peacock Modern via Flickr.

Colorful Baptism Favor Ideas

Send your guests home with creative crayon party favors. These favors make especially great gifts for children. For this project, all you’ll need are crayons and a mini muffin pan. Keep in mind, you wont be able to use the muffin pan again for baking edible goods.

Get started by preheating your oven to 250 degrees. Then, remove the paper coverings from the crayons. Break the crayons into small pieces. Place the crayon pieces inside of the muffin tin and have fun creating color combinations. After filling the muffin tin, place it in the oven until crayons melt. This should take about 15 minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven. Let it cool for several minutes and place the tray into the freezer. Keep it in the freezer until the crayons are hard. Then, flip the tray over on your counter. The crayon pucks should pop out easily.

You can add extra flair to the favors using ribbons and bows. Attach a cute thank you note to the favor to show your guest you appreciate their baptism participation and support. Little touches can go a long way to express your appreciation and sentiment.

Green Party Favors

Send your baptism guests home with a potted plant. This favor idea is affordable, sustainable, and refreshing. You can grow your own plants from seeds or cuttings. Check out the HGTV website for more information on growing techniques.

If you’re are short on time, try purchasing mature plants. Herbs make terrific favors, due to their practicality. Plant your greenery in a cute pot. You can paint the pot, or add pretty ribbon and bows, for extra decoration.

You should also include a thank you note with your party favor. Your guests will love these green baptism party favors.

Enjoy the Experience

Hope this list of baptism favor ideas helped you find the gift you were looking for. Have fun setting up your baptism celebration. You guests will surely appreciate all the time and effort you invest into it.

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