Seven Great Baptism Gift Ideas

In Christianity, baptisms are considered a right of passage. Through baptisms, individuals are cleansed of original sin and reborn as a daughter or son of God. They are considered one of the most important religious ceremonies in a young Christian’s life. Because they are so important, you’ll want to find the perfect baptism gift for your friend or loved one. Religious gifts are great ideas for this occasion. Sentimental gifts are also appropriate. No matter what style of gift you are looking for, you’ll surely find an intriguing idea on this list of seven great baptism gift ideas.

baptism gift ideas
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Religious Gifts

Religious themed items make great baptism gifts. Rosaries, prayer plaques, and personalized bibles are all wonderful baptism gift ideas.

You can purchase a baptism rosary and prayer card from Check out for a wide variety of prayer plaques and personalized bibles.

Try using PurpleTrail’s website to create a prayer poster. Inscribe your poster with a favorite religious quote. You can also personalize your posters with photos and artwork. Check out the PurpleTrail website for more ideas and information.

Practical Gifts

If you’re interested in providing your loved one with a practical gift, try giving cash, custom photo frames, personalized blankets, or candles. These baptism gift ideas are wonderful because they’re meaningful and useful.

Try sticking cash into a cute customized card from PurpleTrail.

Check out for a wide selection of personal frames and blankets. Inscribe a candle with a special message. You can also add the name of your loved one and the date of their baptism.

Your friends and loved ones will enjoy receiving any of these practical baptism gifts.

baptism gift ideas
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Fun Baptism Gift Ideas

Just because baptisms are a religious ceremonies, it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and enjoyable. Try providing your friend or family member with one of these fun and creative baptism gifts.

Give your loved one a personal fairy tale book as a baptism gift. You can purchase one from They have special books for boys and girls. All you have to do is include the individuals first and last name, as well as their date of birth.

Your loved one will enjoy reading this book years down the road. As they get older, this book will improve their reading skills and teach them how to spell their name. Additional fun baptism gift ideas include stuffed animals, music, and art supplies.

DIY Gift Ideas

Not only do handmade gifts hold sentimental value, but they’re also fun to make. Give your loved one a handmade rosary. Creating a rosary is fairly simple and fun. All you need to get started is sterling silver wire coil, 53 6mm beads, 6 8mm beads, jewelry chain, a crucifix, split rings, and a rosary medallion. You’ll also need a pair of round nose pliers. Check out this article on to see what to do next.

For a simpler DIY gift option, try making animal themed bookends. All you’ll need for this project is cheap plastic animal figurines, strong craft glue, a mediums sized block of wood, and spray paint. You can purchase cheap plastic animals here. To get started, use the craft glue to attach the plastic animal to the scrap wood. Then, coat the structure with spray paint. Your animal bookends should turnout like the one displayed below. Check out for more instructions and DIY ideas.

baptism gift ideas
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Sentimental Baptism Gift Ideas

If you’re close to the child being baptized, sharing a sentimental gift is appropriate. Try giving an item that can’t be bought, such as a family heirloom or something that has special meaning to you.

In addition to the gift, you can write the child a special note or poem. The child will appreciate this gift for years to come. Print your poem, or message, on custom stationary. PurpleTrail offers a variety of custom card designs. You can even include custom photos and artwork in your card. Check out for more information.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets allow you to share a little bit of everything with your friend or loved one. Fill a basket with a variety of gifts. The gifts can be for the baby, or the baby’s family. Candies, blankets, stuffed animals, a baby bible, candles, and homemade baked goods all make for great basket accessories.

These baskets are perfect, because they really give you a chance to be creative, and share a wide variety of special gifts. Shop for a fashionable and affordable basket online. This gift is also a nice choice because your loved ones can reuse the basket. You can purchase already packaged gift baskets online via

baptism gift ideas
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Hand Sewn Gift Ideas

Your loved one will adore a hand sewn quilt. You can add sentimental touches to your quilt by embroidering cute messages and quotes onto it. Add fabric that holds special meaning to you. Make a quilt that tells a story. Your loved ones will treasure it for years to come.

This gift is perfect for any crafty individuals interested in sharing a very special and practical gift with their loved one. Check out for more quilt ideas. If you like the idea of using a quilt as a gift, but are not into sewing, purchase custom memory quilts through

Recipients are bound to love whatever gift you give as long as it’s heartfelt and sincere. Enjoy your exciting and blessed baptism celebration!


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