Baptism Invitations for Girls

baptism invitations for girls

For your daughter’s baptism, you’ll want to find the perfect invitation. Considering how many baptism invitations for girls there are, this is not an easy task. You’ll also have to consider invite etiquette. Sending your invites on time, and including the right information, is a must for any successful celebration. Check out this list to learn more about baptisms, invite etiquette, and card options and styles.

baptism invitations for girls
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Baptism Invitations for Girls: Invite Etiquette

Baptism Basics

Baptisms are Christian rights of passage. Typically, individuals are baptized at a very young age. They are taken to church by their parents and baptized by a priest. Close friends and family members attend the baptism ceremony. It’s normal for the family holding the baptism, to invite their friends and family to a dinner or celebration after the ceremony is finished. If you plan on holding a baptism celebration, you’ll need to inform your guests with invitations.

When to Send the Invites

You should try to send out your baptism invitations at least four weeks before your event. This will give the out of town families enough time to plan for your celebration. Make sure your invitations includes details regarding what to bring, where to meet, and when. Your guests will appreciate receiving this information well ahead of time so they can prepare for your child’s special day.

Choosing Appropriate Invite Wording

At minimum, make sure to include the time, place, and details of the celebration. Beyond that, feel free to include inspiring quotes or bible passages. A sweet story or memory of your daughter would also be appropriate. You can also include anything else you wish to share with your guests. Make your wording formal, casual, funny, or sentimental.

Baptism Invitations for Girls: Card Options and Styles

Photo Invitations

Custom photo invitations will really capture your guest’s attention. Use PurpleTrail to create beautiful photo baptism invitations. You can use their website software to upload personal photos, add custom wording, and create a completely unique invitation layout.

Create a single paged photo invite or add a dozen of your favorite photos. PurpleTrail offers a variety of card shapes and styles. Select from booklets, tri-folds, heart-shaped, circular, or single sheet cards. Your guests will love receiving a unique, custom photo invitation. Plus, you’ll have fun designing it.

DIY Invitations – Pressed Flower Invitations

DIY invitations are fun, creative, and unique. Try creating beautiful pressed flower invitations. Pressed flowers make wonderful embellishments for baptism invitations for girls. Pressing flowers is simple. Learn how at For even simpler flower pressing instructions check out You can also checkout this Youtube video for flower pressing and card making instructions.

baptism invitations for girls
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DIY Invitations – Recycled Paper Invitations

Paper piles up quickly in most homes. Turn your trash into treasure. Create recycled paper invitations. You can use a variety of different mediums for this project. Try creating a card base with newspaper, magazine pages, or old scrap paper. Check out these cool woven paper invitations from for more ideas.

After your base is complete, add a solid piece of paper and inscribe your celebration details on it. Get creative and have fun. You can create these invitations out of anything. Your guests will appreciate the time, effort, and thought you put into their invites. Plus, you’ll feel good making an environmentally conscious decision.

Baptism Invitations for Girls: Invitation Wording Ideas

Wording Samples

When you finally find the invitation that works for you, you’ll need to start thinking about invite wording. The wording should include the time, place, and details of the event. You can also include additional info like, who your child’s godparent will be.

For baptism invitation wording inspiration, check out the short list below. For addition advice, take a look at When creating wording of your own, make sure to have fun and get creative. Your friends and family members will enjoy receiving your special message.

Please join us for our daughter
Mary Lisa Rome’s
Baptism Ceremony
March 22nd, 2019
Saint Martin’s Cathedral
Godparent: Larry Cane
A baptism brunch will follow
Please contact
Jane Rome with any questions
999-999-9999 –

baptism invitations for girls
Photo courtesy of David Bjorgen.

You are invited to our little angel
Bethany Stine’s
Baptism Celebration
January 20, 2019
Green Lake Park
222 Lake View Rd.
Madison, WI
We are celebrating Bethany’s special day by holding a picnic in the park
Please bring a dish to pass
We hope you can join us for fun, live music, and food
“And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove
descending upon him:” Mark 1:10
We request your presence for our daughter
Angie Clyne’s
Baptism Ceremony
2:00 pm
Riverdale Community Church
Please contact Lily Clyne to RSVP
222-2222 –

Arrive at a Decision

Be sure to have fun creating your invites. Find an invite that reflects your personality and don’t forget to be creative. Keep in mind your invitation will set the mood for the celebration. Make sure it is clear and concise, your guest will use it to prepare for your special event.

Still unsure of which invite works best for your baptism? Take a look at for more baptism invitations for girls. They have a nice selection of invitations as well as a good number of custom invite options.

For more baptism celebration ideas, take a look at our other articles listed on Our articles will help you find the perfect decorations, gifts, and favor ideas for your baptism celebration.

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