Boy Baptism Invitations – Memorable and Creative Invite Ideas

boy baptism invitations

Planning for a baptism is an exciting time. There are lots of little details to think about.  One important detail is choosing memorable baptism invitations to send out to family and friends. There are a plethora of boy baptism invitations available, so it can be challenging to choose the right one.  You’ll need to consider the style you want, how many you need to send and, of course, what your budget is.  Check out this list of boy baptism invitations for inspiration.

Boy Baptism Invitations

Vintage Frame Decoration Baptism Invitation

Photo Boy Baptism Invitations

Send your friends and family a baptism photo invitation. You can create a custom photo baptism invitation through PurpleTrail. Upload one of your favorite photos or a dozen. Create a single paged invite or a six page photo booklet invitation. Not only will your invite capture your guests’ attention, but it will also make for a great keepsake of your son’s baptism.

If you are looking for a more interesting invitation, you can create a photo tile invite. This project can be a bit challenging, but the end product is really cool. To start, select a favorite photo you’d like to transfer onto the tile. Then, create wording for your tile invite. After that, you’ll have to go to Kinkos to create a copy of your photo that also includes the wording you created. To find out what to do next, check out

DIY Boy Baptism Invitations – Pop-up Invite

Create a fun and unique pop-up boy baptism invitations. This project is simple and super cute. All you’ll need to create a pop-up card is paper, scissors, and glue. Follow these simple pop-up directions at to get started. Check out the video below to learn how to create an amazing balloon pop-up invitation. Take a look at for instructions on how to make an adorable pop-up dinosaur invitation. What could be more perfect for a little boy? Your guests will love these jubilant invites and appreciate the time and effort you put into making them.

DIY Boy Baptism Invitations – Nature Print Invite

Create beautiful nature printed invites for your son’s baptism. You can create one of a kind designs using fresh flowers, plants, paper, and a hammer. This project is perfect for spring or summer.  Featured on, hammered leaf and flower prints are fun and simple to make. Follow the instructions below to create nature printed paper of your own. For additional instructions, take a look at

You Will Need:

  • Colorful flowers or plants
  • Water Color Paper (or other rough, acid free paper)
  • Paper Towel
  • Hammer
  • Hard Work Surface (a wooden cutting board will due)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Tweezers
  • Acrylic Finishing Spray (optional)
Boy baptism invitations
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  1. Gather all of the needed materials and set up your work area. Make sure you’re using a hard surface, which you don’t mind denting or damaging.
  2. After you set up your work area, take a walk outside and pickup a variety of vibrant colored flowers, leaves, and plants. The more colorful the better.
  3. Now that you’ve collected an assortment of plants, trim any excess or unattractive parts. Arrange the plants on your sheet of water color paper.
  4. Cover your plants and water color paper with several sheets of paper towel. The paper towel will protect the plants and adsorb excess moister as you hammer.
  5. This step is optional. Trace the top of the paper towel with a pen. Mark where the plants lie underneath  You can use this as a guide while hammering. If you think you’ll remember where you placed the plants, you can skip ahead to the next step.
  6. Now, start hammering. Begin with gentle taps until you feel as if the plant is somewhat embedded into the paper. Then, pound a little harder. Make sure to hammer the entire plant. Be patient, this may take awhile. Keep hammering for about three minutes. Then, check your progress by slowly peeling back the paper towel. If the plant is printed on the paper towel, you can remove it from the paper.
  7. Slowly peel the plant matter off of your paper. If it sticks, let it dry for a bit. After it dries, the plants should chip off easily.
  8. After the plants are removed, take a look at your print. Examine how it turned out and make changes as necessary.
boy baptism invitations ideas
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After you create a number of printed pages, decide on how you’ed like your invitations to look. Decide on how you’ed like to fold the invites and how you’ed like to inscribe them. You can inscribe your invites by hand. Or, inscribe your invites with a custom stamp. Have fun coming up with unique invitation designs and inscriptions.

DIY Stamp Invitation

Decorate your son’s baptism invitation with DIY stamps. Make your own custom stamps using cardboard and string. Start by thinking of a stamp design. Now, check out the video below for more instructions. This invitation method is great because it is so affordable and crafty. Your design options are endless. Have fun creating a colorful invitation from scratch. Your friends and family members will surely adore your creative and unique boy baptism invitations.

Online Baptism Invitations 

You could also elect to send your baptism invitations online. It’s an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to spread the word of this joyous occasion. Sites like Paperless Post and have a great selection of online invitations that you can customize. You can add photos and personalized text with all your event details. Online baptism invitations are an easy way to get the word out.

The downfall is that you don’t get to have a professionally printed, or handmade, keepsake invitation to save for your scrapbook. PurpleTrail does offer a digital download option so that you can print a copy at home if you like. Check out the Purple Trail website for ideas about boy baptism invitations.

Congratulations to you and your family as you celebrate this blessed occasion. May your baptism gathering be filled with plenty of love and may you be surrounded by dear friends and family.


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