Girl Baptism Decorations – Finding the Perfect Decor

Because there are so many decoration options available for a girl’s baptism, selecting the appropriate adornment can be challenging. Your decorations should be flattering, memorable, and unique. They should also reflect the religious occasion, as well as the girl of honor’s personality. Check out this list of great girl baptism decorations for ideas and inspiration for your special event. Also, make sure to check out for a beautiful collection of custom baptism invitations.

girl baptism decorations
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Angel Themed Girl Baptism Decorations

This graceful theme is perfect for a little girl’s baptism. Start by arranging white and silver balloons throughout your venue. Adorn your tables with white roses and feather center pieces. Serve angel hair pasta, white cake, and sparkling grape juice. Set up white candles throughout your venue.

Create pretty star streamers via cutting stars out of cardboard. Wrap the cutouts in tinfoil and use a whole puncher to create an opening in the stars. String a piece of thread through your stars and hang them from the ceiling.

Create three dimensional clouds using wire, wire cutters, and cotton stuffing. Use the wire to create a wire frame for your cloud. The frame should be three dimensional and as big as you’d like your cloud. Then, simply fill in your frame with the cotton stuffing. Make sure the stuffing completely covers your frame. Hang your cloud structures throughout the venue for a celestial affect.

Pink and White Themed Girl Baptism Decorations

Pink and white themed decorations are feminine and sophisticated. Dress up your venue with pink and white flowers, balloons, candles, and colored lighting. Serve guests strawberry shortcake, pink lemonade with watermelon garnish, and white pizza.

Use pink roses to create beautiful table center pieces. Adorn the backs of your chairs with pink and white bows. Create elegant flower garland out of real or fake flowers. You can purchase pink and white paper rose garland from for a reasonable price.

Purchase custom baptism party invitations from PurpleTrail. You can upload your own photos and create a completely original invite. PurpleTrail gives you an opportunity to manage the invitation layout and color scheme. They also offer great customization options for, rather than paper stationery, custom magnet invitations and announcements.

These girl baptism decorations will make your baptism special and memorable.

DIY Girl Baptism Decorations – Paper Chandelier

DIY decorations are unique and fun to create. Try making a paper chandelier. Start by selecting your chandelier color, shape, and size. Gather paper, scissors, a hole puncher, string, and a wire.

Create a halo shaped frame using the wire. Then, Cut out a number of shapes you’d like to include in your chandelier. Try selecting something simple like hearts, stars, or circles.

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Trace your shape onto the paper. Cut out at least 100 cutouts of your shape. Then, punch holes into the cutouts. Attach the paper cutouts to several pieces of string. Adjust the string length to a size you find appropriate.

After you finish attaching your paper cutouts to the strings, attach the decorated strands to the halo base. You can also wrap the halo base in fabric or paper.

This is a great decoration idea because you can hang it in your child’s room or nursery after the party.

Practical Girl Baptism Decorations – Seeded Paper Confetti

Adorn your little one’s baptism celebration with favorable decor. Dress up your tables with seeded confetti. You can purchase seeded confetti online or you can even make your own. See the Youtube video below for instructions.

Seeded paper and confetti are cheerful and eco-friendly decoration options. After your party is through, you can plant leftover confetti or give the seeded paper to your guests as a party favor.

Practical Girl Baptism Decorations – DIY Candle Holders

Try creating custom candles holders. These candle holders will add color to your baptism celebration and you can give them away as gifts after the celebration.

Check out the instructions below to learn how to create unique paper matche candle holders.

You’ll Need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Craft Hole Punchers (a variety of shapes)
  • Glass Containers
  1. To begin, figure out your color scheme. Do you want to stick with two different colors, or do you want to make a flashy chromatic candle holder? After you figure out your color plan, you can start hole punching.
  2. Punch out about a handful of paper shapes.
  3. Drop a bit of Mod Podge into a small dish. Add a tad bit of water to the dish to thin out the Mod Podge.
  4. Now, cover a small area of the glass with the thinned Mod Podge solution. After that, start adding the tissue paper. Tissue paper is fragile, so try to be gentle with it. Add an additional thin coat of Mod Podge to the glass after you’re done adding tissue paper.
  5. Set your candle holder aside to dry.
  6. When you piece is dry, you’ll see that the Mod Podge has added a frosty look to your candle holder. If this bothers you, dip a q-tip in hot water and scrub away the Mod Podge.
  7. Now, add a candle.
girl baptism decorations
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Cheerful Decorations

Here’s one last suggestion. Let your embellishments set the mood for a fun celebration. The right decor will uplift the spirits of your guests and even enhance their mood. Make sure to pay attention to your venues lighting, color scheme,  and room layout. All of these aspect can influence an individuals feelings.

Try sticking to a simple layout. Too much clutter can have a negative impact on our moods. Natural lighting is always a plus. Try to avoid florescent overhead lighting whenever possible. Rather, rely on indirect sources of light such as strings of Christmas lights or candles. For more information about how decorations influence our mood, check out’s article Improve Your Mood With Home Décor.

Good luck decorating! Hope this list helped you come up with a few ideas of your own. Have fun picking out beautiful girl baptism decorations for your daughter’s special day.





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