Godparent Invitations

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Show your godparents you care with one of these wonderful godparent invitations. Impress your loved ones with beautiful fabric invitations. Find out where to purchase unique invitation designs and delicious custom chocolate invites.

Whether you are contacting a Godparent for a son or daughter’s baptism, or for another celebration, here’s a list of godparent invitation ideas you can use to find the right invite.

Godparent Invitations

DIY fabric and paper Godparent invitations
Photo courtesy of Pillowhead Designs (Angela) via Flickr.

DIY Godparent Invitations – Fabric Invite

Fabric invitations are very classy and unique. Although, purchasing fabric invites may be expensive, you can save cash by creating your own. This craft project is featured on home-frosting-blogspot.com. Check out the blog for more advice and instructions. All you’ll need to get started is freezer paper, blank invite cards, an ink jet printer, fabric, and an invitation design plan. Take a look at the instructions below to find out what to do next.

Before you begin you’ll need to create your print design. Find a cute design online, or you can use a scanner to transfer a hand drawn design onto your computer. For invitation design ideas, check out pinterest.com. For wording ideas, check out baptismwording.info. Your godparents will love these super cute and creative invitations.

If fabric isn’t your preferred medium, you can also use this print method to transfer images to wood.

You’ll Need:

  • Freezer Paper
  • Standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ Paper
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • An Invitation Design
  • Fabric (to print your design on)
  • Blank Invite cards


  1. Cut a piece of freezer paper so it matches the size of your standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Cover your standard paper with spray adhesive and stick it onto the “paper” side of the freezer paper. The waxy side of the freezer paper should be exposed. 
  2. Trim any excess paper with your scissors. Now, you should have a sheet of paper that is standard on one side, and waxy on the other.
  3. Now, get your invitation ready to print. Place the sheet of paper you just created into the printer, you’ll want to print your design onto the waxy side of the paper.
  4. As your design prints onto the wax paper, be careful not to smudge the printed image.
  5. Now, moisten the surface you plan on transferring the image to. You can use a sponge or spray bottle. Avoid adding too much water, you do not want to soak the surface, just dampen it.
  6. Place your image onto the wet surface. Use a spoon to rub the back of the paper. Keep rubbing until you’ve covered the entire surface.
  7. Carefully lift the paper off of the fabric surface. Let the ink dry a bit.
  8. After your printed fabric drys, you can either glue or sew your fabric onto the blank invite cards. Check out craftstylish.com for more fabric/paper invite ideas.
Handmade Circle Godparent Invitations
Photo courtesy of Stephmade.com.

Custom Chocolate Godparent Invitations

Everyone loves chocolate. Your godparents will enjoy receiving an invitation wrapped around a sweet treat. These invites are super cute and delicious. You can purchase them through notonthehighstreet.com. Choose between Belgian milk or dark chocolate.  You can even create a custom message to include on the wrapper. Mrcandywrapper.com offers a variety of custom edibles. Check out their custom chocolate and cookie boxes. You can turn any favorite photo or print into a candy box. These tasty invitations will surely hit any godparent’s sweet spot.

Unique Godparent Invitation Styles

PurpleTrail offers a variety of unique card styles and designs. Including booklet, tri-fold, and die cut cards. All of these are wonderful godparent invitation ideas. There are plenty of custom templates for you to build from scratch, or prebuilt ones you can modify to meet your own needs for a card like this.

If you’re interested in adding a lot of text and photos to your invitation, purchase a booklet or tri-fold card. PurpleTrail’s booklet card consists of eight five by seven pages.  You’ll have plenty of space to include special wording along with your favorite photographs. Tri-fold cards also offer additional space as well as a unique and stylish presentation.

If space is not an issue, but finding a unique design is, check out PurpleTrail’s die cut cards. You can choose between heart-shaped or circle cut cards. These shapes are super fun. Plus, they’ll add unique flavor to your invites.

Check out their website for more ideas. Find a style that works for you, then you can start on creating your card’s custom design and wording.

Godparent Invitation Wording Ideas

After you select an invitation, you’ll need to start thinking about invite wording. Inscribing your invitation with the right wording is very important. You’ll need to make sure your invitation wording is clear and concise, because your guests will be using it to prepare for your special occasion.

At minimum you should include the time, place, and location of your event. Include additional information to warm your invite up and make it more personal. Try including a meaningful quote or mention a special memory that’s relevant to your son or daughter’s special day. To get started, take a look at some of the wording suggestions below. For more ideas, check out baptismwording.info.

Front of Invite


We appreciate your love and support and hope that you can join us for

our daughter

Lily Ann Hill’s

Baptism Celebration


Friday, April 22nd, 2013

4:00 PM


222 Pine Street

Seattle, WA

Back of Invite

“Fountains and ye, that warble, as ye flow, 

Melodious murmurs, warbling tune his praise. 

Join voices all ye living souls, ye birds, 

That singing up to heaven gate ascend, 

Bear on your wings and in your notes his praise; 

Ye that in waters glide, and ye that walk 

The earth, and stately tread, or lowly creep; 

Witness if I be silent, morn or even,

To hill, or valley, fountain, or fresh shade 

Made vocal by my song, and taught his praise. ” 

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

Godparent invitations
Photo courtesy of Amy [treespacestudio] via Flickr.

Dear Godparent

Please join us for

Jonathan Stone’s

Baptism Ceremony


March 2nd, 2013


Madison Community Church

222 First Avenue

Seattle, WA


Your presence is requested


Marilyn Quinn’s Baptism Ceremony


December 1st, 2014


Saint Mary’s Cathedral

300 Fourth Avenue

Seattle, WA

Have Fun Selecting Your Invite

Invitations are an important part of any party. The perfect invite will excite and prepare your guests for your special celebration. Give your guests the information they need, while also providing them with a fun, creative, and meaningful message. Your godparents will appreciate receiving an invite that you put extra time and effort into. If you still haven’t found the invite idea you’re looking for, take a look more baptism posts listed on baptismideas.info.

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