Top 10 Baptism Gifts from the Heart

baptism gifts

Looking for the best baptism gifts that are personal and from the heart? We’ve hand-picked 10 baptism gift ideas to fit every need! Whether you’re looking for sweet baby gifts, thoughtful gifts for the parents of the child being baptized, or both, we have the gift for you. Let’s dive right in!

baptism gifts

1.) Baby Journal

A custom baby journal is a surprisingly perfect baptism gift. Parents can put it to use that very evening to jot down all their favorite aspects of the baptism ceremony and the celebration that follows. It’s a long-lasting gift that can be used daily to help parents appreciate and remember all the sweet moments they have with their little one.

baptism gifts
My First Year Journal from PurpleTrail

Online custom gift stores like PurpleTrail let you create your own custom journal. You can personalize the front and back covers with your choice of text, photos, and graphics. For example, if you happen to know that the baby’s parents have a teddy bear theme for their nursery, you can use PurpleTrail’s online design center to add little teddy bear graphics to the front of the baby journal to make it extra special.

2.) Personalized Baptism Bowl

Most people don’t put too much thought into what a minister uses to pour water over a baby’s head on the day of their baptism. A custom baptism bowl from the Clarey Clayworks Etsy shop turns a practical vessel into a keepsake. Instead of a simple cruet, pitcher, cup, or shell, the minister uses this special personalized bowl to pour the water during the baby’s baptism.

baptism gifts
Personalized Baptism Bowl from the Clarey Clayworks Etsy shop

The glazed clay bowl can be personalized with the baby’s name and the date of his or her baptism. After being used in the baptism, this beautiful bowl can be displayed on the baby’s nightstand, hung on the baby’s nursery wall, or stowed away in a keepsake box.

3.) Framed Photo Print

Tons and tons of photos are taken at a child’s baptism, and it’s not uncommon for parents to arrange portraits of their little ones before their baptism while they are wearing their Sunday best. These photos can play a big part in a special baptism gift — a unique framed photo print of the baby and his or her family.

baptism gifts
Wide White Border Photo Framed Print from PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail lets you design custom framed prints that include one or more photos, whimsical embellishments, and custom text, such as the baby’s name, and the time, date, and location of the baptism. Frame options include black, white, and rustic wood.

4.) Personalized Prayer Buddy

Prayer buddies are unique stuffed animals that recite a sweet little prayer when you squeeze them. They are the perfect gift for toddlers who are first learning their prayers. The Catholic Company sells four different prayers buddies — an owl, a lamb, a lion, and a sea turtle — all of which say a different prayer, scripture, or song.

baptism gifts
Olivia the Owl Prayer Buddy from The Catholic Company

For example, owl prayer buddy sings “Jesus Loves Me,” while the lamb prayer buddy recites three essential Catholic prayers, including the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. It’s a gift that’s as playful as it is prayerful.

5.) Mom Planner

A custom mom planner is another thoughtful gift for the parents of the child being baptized. Busy moms are always looking for ways to keep their lives organized, especially if they’re juggling the daily schedules of multiple children.

baptism gifts
Vintage Polka Dot Mom Planner from PurpleTrail

Mom planners from PurpleTrail are specially tailored to meet the organizational needs of moms. The front and back covers can be customized with photos, embellishments, and text, such as a favorite scripture verse or inspirational quote.

6.) Baby’s First Bible

Babies are known for being rough with books, and the Bible is no exception. That’s why a little Bible board book designed especially for babies is a great choice for a baptism gift.

baptism gifts
Catholic Baby’s First Handle Bible from the Catholic Company

The Catholic Baby’s First Handle Bible is sturdy enough for tiny babies, contains brightly-colored pictures, and even comes with a nifty handle so that toddlers can carry it around proudly. It’s a great, age-appropriate way to introduce little ones to the holy scriptures.

7.) Custom Baptism Pillow

Custom pillows are a soft, sweet baptism gift that can be personalized with the child’s name as well as the details of the baptism ceremony. The keepsake pillow can then be used to accent a crib or rocking chair in a baby’s nursery.

baptism gifts
Custom Baptism Pillow from PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail lets you design your own printed pillow using your favorite photos, the text of your choice, and the store’s vast treasure trove of graphics and fonts. Since your custom design will appear on fabric, you can also opt to have the pillow embroidered instead.

8.) Personalized Piggy Bank

Another great baptism gift is a personalized piggy bank. Sweet little piggy banks have been used as nursery decorations for years, but today’s modern designers have personalized these pleasantly plump piggies to make them more whimsical than ever.

baptism gifts
Personalized Piggy Bank from the Bubbie Red Etsy shop

We love the swooping font on this personalized ceramic piggy bank from the Bubbie Red Etsy shop. The font colors can be tailored for boys or girls and the baptism information can be tailored for the baby’s ceremony. The piggy bank is a cute little keepsake that can be displayed atop the child’s bookshelf and used to contain actual coins when they’re a little older.

9.) My Baptism Remembrance Book

My Baptism Remembrance Book makes it easy to journal and create scrapbook memories of a child’s baptism. Tailored specifically for Catholics, the handsome book was lovingly written by a sister in the Catholic church ad includes traditional Catholic prayers and Bible stories that mention baptism.

baptism gifts
My Baptism Remembrance Book by Mary Martha Moss

The book even contains pages for sacramental records so parents can jot down when their child takes part in their First Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation. 

10.) Custom Mug 

Last but not least, we’ve included one more gift especially for the parents of the child being baptized. A custom mug from PurpleTrail is a fun gesture and the perfect companion gift for the parent to accompany a gift for the baby.

baptism gifts for parents
Mama Bear Mug from PurpleTrail

While we love this clever Mama Bear Mug, PurpleTrail lets you add your own custom text, photos, and graphics to mugs of different sizes. It’s a sweet and simple way to show that you care as much for the parents as you do for the child.
These are just a few ideas for baptism gifts that children and their parents will both love and that can even help cultivate a child’s spiritual formation. We hope this list inspires you to find something special to bring to the baptism!

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